About SFB

Philosophy of Education

St. Francis Borgia School aims to create a climate for learning by providing a stimulative, supportive atmosphere in which a child is free to discover life and can be prepared to live it fully. In this atmosphere the child can experiment and learn to risk new opportunities. Here a child can wonder and learn and create; here the child’s needs can be met so he/she is able to develop a full Christian life as a member of the global community.

St. Francis Borgia School encourages its students to become self-directed, to accept responsibility for their behavior and learning, to respect the rights and contributions of others, and to evaluate their self-performance honestly. In this way each student can grow in his/her ability to think, to do, to appreciate, and to believe. The insight and communication skills the child develops through close personal involvement with peers, teachers, and administrators will enable him/her to form a positive self-image and to share his/her talents and experiences.

Parents/guardians are the primary educators of their children by word and by example. The faculty of the school will work in conjunction with parents to develop the students as caring and responsible individuals.