Queen of Hearts Raffle

The Raffle Board

The Raffle board has a poker deck of 54 cards (including 2 Jokers) placed face down, sealed and numbered, randomly placed in rows. 

The Raffle Tickets and Stub

Players (must be 18 years or older) to buy raffle tickets each for $5 per ticket (CASH ONLY). On the raffle stub the player will write their name (no nicknames), telephone number, and a number between 1 and 54 and place the raffle stub in a locked box. There can be only one name per ticket. 

The Raffle Drawing

One raffle stubs gets pulled from the raffle drum every Tuesday night at the Draft Bar 8221 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL 60634. If your tickets is drawn and it is NOT the Queen of Hearts and you are present for the drawing, you will win $100. No individual is allowed to collect the $100 award for another person. 

If the Queen of Hearts playing card is behind the corresponding number on the raffle stub, the raffle ticket holder is a winner. the winner does not need to be present for the drawing. If the card is not the Queen of Hearts, the game rolls over the following week. After the drawing, all tickets for that week’s drawing will be destroyed. 

If one of the two Jokers is behind the corresponding number on the raffle board, the game is ended, and a new board will be started for the next draw. The person who drew the Joker Card will still win $100 if they are present for the drawing. 

If you name is illegible, your ticket will be thrown away and a new ticket will be drawn from the drum. 

If a person does not put a number on their ticket, the committee will open the first available number on the board. If a ticket is pulled and it has a number that has already been taken, the committee will open the lowest available number on the board.

When the drawing falls on a holiday, the drawing will be suspended until the following Tuesday. 

The total prize pool will continue to accumulate weekly until the QUEEN OF HEARTS is drawn. The jackpot amount, based on ticket sales, will be updated and displayed at the Draft Bar. Updates will also be posted on the St. Francis Borgia School Facebook Page and Website, and the St. Francis Borgia Bulletin. 

The Raffle Prize

When the Queen of Hearts is picked, 50% of the Net Proceeds will go to (1) winner. the remaining 50% of the Net Proceeds benefit St. Francis Borgia School. “Net Proceeds” means the gross receipts from the handling of the Raffle, less the reasonable operating expenses incurred by St. Francis Borgia as a result of operating the Raffle. The maximum Raffle pot will be $4,000,000 with $2,000,000 awarded to the winner, subject to the City of Chicago Municipal Code. Total prizes will be updated and displayed on the St. Francis Borgia School Facebook page and website. 

Please note: Rules and Regulations will apply. Please see the complete list of rules and regulations for more details. Please see the PDF for information regarding rules and regulations and how to enter.